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Terrace Decking Pine Board295 UAH/м2
Floor Matchboard 170-270 UAH/м2
Wooden Lining Pine Board110-165 UAH/м2

Dry wood board is a product made from a dead tree trunk. Outwardly, such dead wood is often devoid of bark, and sometimes it can be covered with dead bark. Such wood is softer and mellower, it is more easily affected by rot and parasitic fungus. Figures for the physical and mechanical properties of such sawn wood are below the figures for healthy wood. Therefore, after production, the dry wood board is always subjected to treatment with antiseptic compounds in order to avoid the fungus that can affect not only the plant, but also insects, animals, and even humans. Such wood is valued for its unusual texture, as well as for the fact that it is dried under natural conditions. There is no need to worry about lowering the price of raw materials as a result of cracking due to the improper drying process.

Decking in the interior::

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